3D Printable components for TABLEWAR Cases

Do you have a 3D Printer? Now you can take your TABLEWAR Tower case to the next level by printing out your own custom tray components to really highlight your models while increasing both customization and functionality!

I have been 3D printing my own Tray Topers. Simply start with a 3.5mm thick sheet and add hollow shapes for the cut-outs for your bases. For “Single-wide” Bottom Base Unit Trays, make your tray 127x152.4x3.5mm; for the Double-wide, make your tray 266.5x152.4x3.5mm. My 3D printer, a PRUSA MK3S, has too small of a print area for the Double-wide, so I rotate my STL 90 degrees on the Y access, perform a cut at a good point, and rotate the resulting two pieces back -90 degrees on the Y Access. I now have two separate objects to slice and export for printing. I like to print these upside down on a textured steel sheet.
Performing a Cut on an STL Fileabout half of a Double-wide Tray Topper
3 sets of Double-wide Tray Topers Printed3 sets of Double-wide Tray Toppers showing the Cut


Your can also find plenty of pre-designed STL files out on Thingiverse of Tray Topers and Diorama Washers.

STL Files on Thingiverse for TABLEWAR Cases
Our good friend Amory Burgess has been putting up STL files On Thingiverse of tray toppers and diorama unit washers that allow you do do just that. Download one of his designs or create on of your own!

The sky is the limit on these. Amory even custom designed a few toppers for the TABLEWAR Charities #Adepticon2020 #AutismAdvocacy Charity raffle. Look what CK Studios & Team Wappel did with these beauties!

Wappel Splintered Fang Warcry charity raffle miniatures CK Studios Corvus Cabal Warcry charity raffle miniatures