MacroMat Stand - What is the extra pole for?

Opened up your band new MacroMat Set, put the stand together, and had a few questionable pieces left over?

Those pieces allow you so much flexibility!

The extra pieces allow you to make a 32" wide horizontal bar rather than just the standard 15" horizontal bar. Why would this be handy?

  • You can place two 15x30" MacroMats side by side (e.g. a 'Warm' and a 'Cool' backdrop side-by-side) to easily change the background and contrast to your miniatures
  • You can turn your 15x30" MacroMat from Portrait to Landscape (a 90 degree rotation); letting it drape down vertically. Perfect for taking pictures of "flying" miniatures
  • You can use the stand to hold a much larger backdrop or, should I say it, a FAT Mat! Now you can take pictures of larger miniatures or even an entire army.

So, dig out those extra pieces, assemble them into the extended horizontal bar configurations, and have fun!

Happy photographing!

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MacroMat Horizontal Bar extended to 31” to allow for larger photography backdrops

MacroMat Stand with Warm and Cool photography backdrops side-by-side