Planet Series F.A.T. Mat Designs

TABLEWAR 6X3 FAT Mat battlefield gaming mats Star Wars Legion

Worthy of a Legion!

Star Wars Legion Hoth Snow Planet
The TABLEWAR® 'Planet Series' is perfect for the Star Wars* Universe! These are the best gaming mats with battlefield designs depicting popular planet scapes from around the galaxy. Your Legion, Armada, or X-Wing miniatures will feel right at home whether it be in the forest, desert, snow, swamp, or a lava torn landscape. 

Gaming Mat Forest Planet Endor Star Wars Battlefield

Each of these gaming mats have a great level of detail. The 6x3 'Snow Planet' even has boot prints throughout the snow (all size ten... because, clones)! These mats come in a variety of sizes including 6x3’ & 3x3’.

Gaming Mat Snow Planet Hoth Star Wars Battlefield

There's more, storage and transport of your F.A.T. Mat is a snap as every mat comes with it own black canvas storage and carry bag as well as a FAT Tag to identify which beautiful design is inside. Choose your favorite environment for your battles or move your campaign planet to planet for a dynamic environment to really build the narrative.

Planet Serices FAT Mats






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