'Warm' & 'Cool' MacroMat Sun Burst effect off-center to allow you to position it perfectly

Did you notice that the Sun Burst effect is not in the center of the 'Cool' & 'Warm' MacroMats designs? This was on purpose. Not all miniatures are the same height. The design of these photo backdrops includes this effect for the specific purpose of drawing the eyes of the observer towards your miniature. In order to do this most effectively, you position the Sun Burst effect directly behind the miniature you are photographing. If you find that is hard to do because of the size of your miniature, try flipping your MacroMat backdrop 180 degrees. The splash effect will now be in a brand new position that may make positioning it that much easier. Combine that with the adjustable stand and you should be able to position it perfectly!

TABLEWAR MacroMats Sun Burst Effect Usability

Happy Photographing!!!

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Cool MacroMats miniature photography backdrop