The MarcroMats by TABLEWAR are a series of specially designed photography backdrops perfect for use in photographing collectibles, hobby miniatures, and small works of art. This is an innovation in that it brings extreme functionality, portability, and durability all together in a single, inexpensive product.
Tips & Tricks
We take pictures with smartphones and no special lighting when using our MacroMats. Just a phone! For the best results using the MacroMat, try some of these handy tricks:

  • Pull the mat out far enough that the mat looks more like a ski slope then a hard “L”. If the mat bends you will see a harsh line in your pictures
  • Position the highlighted background effects behind the part of the miniature you want to have people’s’ eyes drawn towards
  • Take the picture from several inches back from the subject (12-18” is best) and crop your photo later. If you are too close, you may see the mat foreground focused on by your camera or smart phone
  • If in poor lighting, try placing a white piece of paper in front of your miniature to reflect light back up at the miniature. Again, don’t worry about keeping this paper 100% out of the frame as you can crop later. You can even angle the paper a little to best position this additional light on the miniature. 
  • Try different backgrounds. The MacroMat set comes with Warm, Cool, and Blue Gradient backdrops... find the one that provides the best contrast with your model. 
  • Have fun!

Examples of Using a piece of paper to reflect light and minimize shadows:

Reflecting light using paper with a MacroMats photography background

The fist image is without the paper and has shadows; the second image uses the paper to reflect light and reduce the shadows on the miniature

Image with ShadowsTABLEWAR MacroMats Backdrop with reflective light to reduce shadows