TABLEWAR® Tower Cases

The centerpiece of the TABLEWARM®  Modular Display, Storage, & Transport System. Load up your case with our tray accessories to customize it for your miniatures.

Recommended Tray Add-ons (trays are needed for magnetizing miniatures into the cases):

  • Full-Size Tower: room for 12 Unit Trays (“Double-wide” Trays take up 2 slots each but the case holds a maximum of 4 Double-wide Trays with  balance to be made up with "single-wide" Bottom-Base Trays)
  • Half-Size Tower: room for 6 Unit Trays (max of 2 “Double-wide” Trays)
  • Mini Case: room for 4 Unit Trays (can hold 2 “Double-wide” Trays)
  • Tray Toppers or Diorama Washers are not required but do allow you to customize the look and organize your miniatures even more.