NEW Competitive 40K Terrain Base Sets

Competitive 40K Terrain Base Sets

All new from TABLEWAR, Terrain Base Sets made for competitive 40K*. These terrain bases are designed to be used with the terrain placement formats prescribed by Games Workshop.

These Terrain Base Sets will first be available at Adepticon 2024 in the TABLEWAR booth. We will set a future date for general sales following that event.

Five unique set designs to provide an immersive gaming tabletop. Each of these sets can be matched to many different 60x44” F.A.T. Mat gaming mats. For example, the Tundra set looks great with Snow, Alpine, Tundra, Grassy Plains, and many other of TABLEWAR’s existing F.A.T. Mat Designs.

The sets each come with 12 terrain bases that can be placed upon a gaming surface without concern for movement as they have a non-slip, neoprene backside. Simply arrange the Terrain Base Set on top of your gaming mat to match the desired competitive 40K layout, place thematic terrain on top of the Terrain Bases and you are ready to play any of the match play games. Easy! And it looks great!

Once more, without fixed bases on your 3D terrain, you can now store all of your terrain and these Terrain Base Sets easily in a much more convenient amount to space.

Each set comes as follows:

- 6x 12x6” Terrain Bases

- 2x 10x5” Terrain Bases

- 4x 6x4” Terrain Bases

Urban Base Set
Urban Terrain Base Set
Grassy Base Set
Grassy Terrain Base Set
Tundra Base Set

Tundra Terrain Base Set

Cobble Base Set
Cobble Terrain Base Set
Asphalt Base Set
Asphalt Terrain Base Set
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