New Core Environments F.A.T. Mats

Simplicity is the Ultimate Versatility

TABLEWAR® is expanding the F.A.T. Mat® line with a new series of Core Environments™. TABLEWAR has long been known as the originator of the neoprene gaming mat and has led with the most innovative and detailed designs. The artwork is always clean and without low-quality, repeating patterns. The design elements have always served to enrich the gaming environment. With these new Core Environments, we create more open pallets for gamers to build their battlefields while retaining the art quality TABLEWAR is known for. Beginning fall of 2021, this starts with the Cracked Earth and Snow Core Environments. These will be followed in early 2022 with Cobblestone, Muddy Field, Asphalt, Grassy Field, and Dirt Field. In total, eight great new designs across several game mat sizes. Build the perfect miniature wargaming world with Core Environments™ F.A.T. Mats® from TABLEWAR®!