New F.A.T. Mat Sizes - 60x44" & 30x44”

New FAT Mat sizes Warhammer 40K AOS
We have two brand new sizes coming for our customers very soon!

Both Wave 1 (8 60x44" + 4 30x44" designs) & Wave 2 (6 additional 60x44" + 4 30x44" designs) are in our warehouse and shipping to customers! 

Pricing announced for the new sizes!!! The 60x44” will retail for $60 and the 30x44” will retail for $40. These are designed and manufactured at the new size; these will not be rough, post-production cut downs from a larger mat. These mats will also come with updated carry/storage bags designed expressly for the new mat sizes!

View the expanding collection here: NEW DESIGNS

The F.A.T. Mat from TABLEWAR...we have both you and your gaming table covered with the quality and value you expect!

Two brand new sizes for tabletop wargaming - 60x44" and 30x44”! Add these to our existing 6x4’ and 30x22” sizes and you have everything you need for battles in the 41st Millennium! These new sizes give you great new options for utilizing your table real estate. Want bigger or smaller? We have many great F.A.T. Mat sizes available.

Pre-orders are expected to open up sometime in July! And watch for the number of designs, including exciting new designs, to expand rapidly. And, of course, we will be working on getting some of our famous hidden deployment guides into the future designs. So keep your eye on TABLEWAR this summer!

Use the filter feature to look at the size that best fits your needs.