Shuffle up and Deal!!!

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POKER style F.A.T. Mats!

TABLEWAR has created a brand new line up of tabletop gaming mats designs especially for playing poker on! These mats are sweet!
We are starting off offering two different color options in two popular table sizes.

These are 2mm thick neoprene backed gaming mats with a beautifully printed poker-themed gaming surface. They have a water resistant coating to save the day should an adult or junior beverage spill. Cards slide smoothly on these mats with just the right amount of grab to keep the cards on the table for even the least experienced dealers.

The surface has room for 10 players as well as a bet line and dedicated pot area.

Each gaming mat comes with a carry and storage bag as well as a FAT Tag to identify this as your dedicated poker mat.


Two Colors: Red or Blue


Two Sizes: 84x40” or 70x35”