Warehouse Restocks

Warehouse Restock Update!
Have you been waiting for a particular product to come back into stock? Recently, we have seen several of our 6x4' FAT Mat designs run low or even stock-out. The Half and MINI Tower Cases also sold-out last month. Well, we are working hard to get everything restocked! Here is a summary of what to expect:
FAT Mat Restock - RESTOCK COMPLETED October 17th
( 6x4', 60x44", 6x3', and more)
Next FAT Mat Restock expected early December
Tower Case Restock - RESTOCK COMPLETED October 1st
(all sizes PLUS some surprises)
MacroMats - expected early December
(MacroMat Set + some new sizes)
GEO Mats - expected early December
(restock + new sizes of HEX grids)