Short Army Tray + 24x14" Badlands F.A.T. Mat

Short Army Tray + 24x14" Badlands F.A.T. Mat

The F.A.T. Mat®
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Hammerhead Games Army Tray + 24x14" F.A.T. Mat by TABLEWAR®

The Army Tray comes in two types - 'Full' or 'Short’

Choose 1 or more F.A.T. Mats to come with either Army Tray


The new version of the Hammerhead Games Army Carrying Tray is amazing!

It's stackable, can be assembled and taken apart on the fly and is great for traveling to events!

The 'Standard' version comes with the options for up to two side compartments with or without cup holders, or you can go without them and have an event larger carrying space for your army! Easily fits a 24x14" F.A.T. Mat across the carrying space.

The 'ShortBoy' version is slightly shorter by has the same 24x14" footprint but without the two side compartments.

For those of you travelling: These will easily assembled and can be taken apart to fly home with you. The widest piece is 10" and the longest piece is 15". Easily fits in a carry-on bag for the airport or, even, a backpack!


- Inside tray with out side compartments: 24x14"

- For the 'Standard' version, each tray compartment is 3 3/4" x 14" and each cup holder is 3 5/8" x 3 5/8"