Battlemat with 2" Hex overlay

3x3 'Aeronatical' with Hex

The F.A.T. Mat®
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The FAT Mat is the best gaming mat surface for tabletop war gaming. The Aeronautical or Aeronautica gaming mat design has a pre-printed Hex overlay that is very close to 2" (measured flat edge to flat edge) across the design. This battle mat has an extremely rich design with super cool details including clouds, explosions, smoke, missile trails, burning buildings, cratered streets, and other amazing details.

A 3x3' Gaming Mat Surface with unique theme, Mouse Pad material, a neoprene rubber backing with a water resistant, smooth surface Great for a gaming mat! While other gaming surfaces can be great, they have their limitations. Felt has hairs that catch models while moving and gets dirty easily, cloth creases and is plain, latex mats require painting and tear easily, wood surfaces are heavy, can be expensive and require a lot of work to prepare and paint. Plastic looks great, but dice bounce all over it loudly, it's expensive, you have to paint it, they're difficult to transport and they have seams running across them where the tiles meet. A game mat on a mouse pad would be durable but flexible, light, good looking, easy to use with no preparation needed, and reasonably priced!

The F.A.T. mat comes with a black canvas zipper bag and a F.A.T. tag (luggage tag) with a picture of the mat contained inside.